Easy Hiking Food for Overnight Trips

Hiking is undeniably one of the most enjoyable activities with your family or friends. Aside from hiking supplies that you have to prepare for your journey, hiking foods are something that you must not miss. Keep in mind that hiking is not a simple walk in the park, it is an activity that will require one to have a food in order to sustain and have an energy.

Foods are necessity during hiking. That is why it is very important if you know the foods that you need to prepare before your trip. A golden rule while planning on camping is do not pack tons of food as this will surely force you to take the weight and bulk while camping. You also need to keep in mind that aside from hiking clothing, it is something that you need to consider.

Meal Planning for Hiking

Since you are going on a hiking, it is not ideal if you will diet on this day. Hiking is an activity that requires ample amount of calories and fluids primarily water. Initiating a diet while on a hike will surely give you tons of headache and fatigue.

Nutritious Foods

When it comes to nutrition, it is alright to bring few candy bar while on the trip but for suitability, it is ideal if you will try on something that is high in proteins and Carbohydrate. It would be best if you can take some dried food, nuts and protein bars instead of candy bars.

Lightweight Foods Only

When you are packing your food for overnight hiking, always consider the bulk and weight. If you don’t want to feel the pressure of carrying heavy camping or hiking foods, always stick to low bulk and lightweight foods especially if you will have long journey. You can consider of repackaging foods in ziplock bags to prevent garbage and bulk. If you will do this do not forget for label the bags with instructions for cooking.

Ready-to-Eat Foods

You don’t have to be a chef while on a hiking activity. Always make sure to bring ready-to-eat foods. These days it can be available in canned goods or sealed foods that are available over the grocery. This is an ideal option in case of stove malfunction, wherein you cannot cook any food.


Fluid is very important in hiking. Be sure that you are highly hydrated during this day. Since you will need to hike and climb, make sure to bring ample amount of water for you to be refreshed. It is not ideal if you will let yourself dehydrated during this activity as this will certainly dry you up.

Fresh Foods

Fresh foods is essential while on hiking. On the other hand, since refrigeration is not possible, you have to take foods that can still last longer without a fridge. Carrots are ideal choice as they can have a longer survival.

Dry Foods

Some of the easy hiking foods for overnight trips that you can take are dry foods. These are drink mixes, soup mixes, instant rice, noodles and pasta. As you see, these dry goods are very lightweight only and it will just require minimal amount of space in your baggage.

Dehydrated/Freeze-Dried Foods

If you really want to have an easy and convenient hiking experience then buying dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are undeniably the right option. These foods might be pricey but they can deliver the taste and the Nourishment that you needed without the need to worry about the weight.


If you are going to cook during hiking then never forget to take spices. These are ideal option as they can boost the taste of your backpacking foods. Consider bringing salt, pepper, garlic, onion, lemon pepper, red pepper, cinnamon and other spices that you might need. Again, you don’t have to take the whole kitchen with you, repacking them and putting them on a small resalable container or plastic is already enough.

Hiking Meal Ideas  

When planning hiking food for overnight trips, it would be beneficial if you will just stick to foods that are very easy to prepare. For an instance, dried fruit, drained fruits, juice, powdered milk, instant coffee, dry cereal, granola, breakfast bars, pancake mix, dehydrated eggs and instant hot cereals are excellent. For lunch, a quick strategy is imperative. Some of the popular options are nuts energy bars, bagels, fig bars, dried fruits and jerky are just enough. When it comes to dinner instant rice, noodles, ramen, instant stuffing and sauces and soups are already enough choice.

During hiking vacations, it is a must if you can prepare hiking foods that are easy to prepare and carry. If you can able to plan or prepare your food a day or night before your planned overnight trip with your loved ones, expect that it can be a more memorable activity.